Founded in 1985, Small Business Solutions – SBS provides business, administrative, financial and executive search services.  

Mission Statement  

Small Business Solutions is a premier consulting firm that strives to exceed expectations through commitment to outstanding service – placing our clients as priority one. We take a genuine interest in our clients. We handle a multitude of complex and sophisticated matters that directly affect your business, freeing you to tackle your profession.

Our mission is simple – serve our clients with integrity so they can pursue their craft.

We are committed to community service and when possible provide pro bono and public service. We encourage active involvement in leadership on the part the firm’s leaders and sustain an enriching working environment through diversity and teamwork. We strive to consistently improve ourselves and our services all the while celebrating our accomplishments. Our competency and confidence will provide endless opportunities for sustaining growth and financial strength. Our passion is big and quality and personal service are our first priorities. How may we serve you?  

Team Approach

Small Business Solutions (SBS) aspires to be a leader in its field, paying the price in sweat, effort and sacrifice… showing the way through good example in an effort to model leadership skills. Our web of professionals (affiliated accountants, Web Masters, Marketing professionals, etc. ) supports our team approach.   Additionally, our team of bookkeepers has over 40 years of combined bookkeeping experience.  

Founder – Gina Panzieri

Gina started Small Business Solutions (SBS) in the late 80’s. She has many years of small business administration under her belt and her passion and mission has been support and nurture businesses. Her education is in business and conflict resolution at UMass, Cambridge College and other institutions of higher education.  

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See our partial Client List – some of whom have been with SBS since its inception.

Why Choose Us

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    Our business is helping you and your business to be successful. We always strive for the highest level of customer satisfaction.

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    Entrusting us with the financial health of your business is a responsibility we don’t take lightly. We are vested in building long-term customer relationships with integrity.

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    With almost 30 years of experience, SBS takes the stress out of managing your financial records. Our expertise is second to none.